Opportunity to present your Innovative Solution to potential users and/or companies to help you reach new markets!

In the ORHI project we are identifying Innovative Solutions (innovative technologies and new business models) to help the agri-food industry evolve towards a Circular Economy, specifically with regard to “organic matter” and “plastic” resources.


For this purpose, the ORHI team is proactively looking for Solutions, both within the regions of the project’s partners and beyond our borders, by taking part in industry trade shows and conducting research abroad.


After analysing the various Innovative Solutions that we are currently identifying, we will select those that we believe to be most conducive to achieving the purpose of the project, and we will produce a catalogue which we will publish on our website and on the websites of specialised organisations in the industry. We will also be holding presentation workshops for companies from the project region, potential users of those solutions.


Among the criteria that we will use to select the solutions that are to be included in this catalogue, one essential requirement is that the solution is fully commercial. In other words, it is fully available for potential user companies (not a solution in the R&D or prototyping phase).


If your company offers an Innovative Solution (technology or business model) that will help companies in the agri-food industry evolve towards a Circular Economy (specifically relating to “organic matter” and “plastic” resources), and you would like to tell us about it, you can send us information by completing the form below.


As well as presenting the chosen Solutions to potential user companies, we will also present them to companies that provide solutions for the industry and are seeking to enhance their market offering.